Crime Cameras

Date LCPD Crime Cameras Action

H.R. 5515 - John S. McCain Act prohibits video surveillance equipment by Dahua Technology Co. Dahua cameras are not approved by Genetec Stratocast and not compatible to the Real Time Crime Center - RTCC.


Board approved $30,000 proposal to replace existing 30 cameras and install 5 new cameras that connect to the RTCC. Project will replace Dahua cameras and install Axis cameras.


Request for quotes (RFQ) distributed to 8 vendors.

8/26/19 Camera upgrade letters distributed to property owners who host 50 cameras.
9/20/19 6 RFQs returned: 2 late; 2 not responded; 4 considered.
9/23/19 SafeCam Platinum End-User Consent Form and LCPD Access and Indemnity Agreement in final draft.
9/25/19 LCPD Crime Camera Contract in final draft.
9/26/19 Lowest bid $23,935 by Epic Tek - already installed 108 SafeCam Platinum cameras.
9/26/19 Board suggested a performance bond in the contract.
9/28/19 Training session to retrieve video footage from existing Dahua cameras.
10/8/19 Final SafeCam Platinum End-User Consent Form received.
10/10/19 Final consent form and final LCPD Access and Indemnity Agreement distributed to property owners.