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A Message From The President (November 2016)

Message from the LCPD President
November 2, 2016

The Lakeview Crime Prevention District continues to thrive, and the supplemental crime
prevention support provided by the LCPD Team of NOPD officers continues to make Lakeview
one of the safest neighborhoods in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area.
This message is intended to update the Lakeview community on two important topics:
1. LCPD Annual Fee;
2. LCPD Response times.

LCPD Annual Fee

In September, 2016, the LCPD Board of Commissioners voted to increase the annual fee
assessed to each parcel of property in Lakeview from $125.00 per year to $135.00 per year. The
$10.00 annual increase was necessary to cover the increasing cost of patrols due in large part to a
series of well-deserved raises afforded to the New Orleans Police Department over the past 18
months. You may recall that LCPD operates under a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with the
NOPD, which affords LCPD the benefit of utilizing off-duty police officers to patrol Lakeview.
As part of the agreement, LCPD pays patrolmen the rates assigned by NOPD.
The LCPD Board does not take lightly the increase in costs, and we will continue to strive to
keep the fee as low as possible, without compromising safety. The state legislation, approved by
voters, authorizes a fee of “up to $150.00”, and we may get there in the future. But for now, the
Board considers an annual fee of $135 to be sufficient. We remain the lowest cost crime
prevention district in the City. For comparison purposes, I am including a list of some of the
other crime prevention taxing districts and their annual fee:

$135 Fee -- Lakeview Crime Prevention District

$300 Fee -- Lake Terrace Crime Prevention District
$395 Fee -- Upper Hurstville Security District
$450 Fee -- Lakewood Crime Prevention and Improvement District
$360 Fee -- Lakeshore Crime Prevention District
$400 Fee -- Lake Oaks Subdivision Improvement District
$500 Fee -- Upper Audubon Security District
$200 Fee -- the Mid-City Security District
$220 Fee -- Lake Vista Crime Prevention District

LCPD Response Times

At each monthly LCPD meeting, Commander Rene Benjamin provides a detailed and
comprehensive crime prevention status report. The monthly reports are regularly published on
LCPD’s website and Face Book page. One of the components of the report includes the average
response times of LCPD Officers to 911 service calls. At our last meeting there was some
confusion regarding the proper methodology for reporting LCPD response times. I write this in
an effort to clarify the issues.
LCPD responds to priority calls such as 911 complaints, reports of suspicious activity, and
burglar alarms in the interest of public safety. As the Lakeview Commander, Sergeant Benjamin
reports on the activity of the LCPD Officers. His report is not intended to include response times
by the 3rd Police District, which covers the Lakeview area. Sergeant Benjamin is careful to
distinguish “LCPD response times to Priority Calls” and “Third District response times to
Priority Calls.” For those of you who follow these issues closely, there may have been some
confusion. LCPD does not supplant or take the place of regular police protection provided by
the NOPD, and often the 3rd District officers. Instead, LCPD is a supplemental unit that “adds
to” the police protection in Lakeview. Thus, it is important for LCPD to distinguish between
LCPD response times, and NOPD/3rd District response times. In fact, while LCPD serves
Lakeview only, it is not able to respond to every 911 call in Lakeview. NOPD carries that
primary responsibility.

At the LCPD October 2016 meeting, a concerned citizen suggested that the LCPD Response
Time Report failed to include sixty-two (62) priority incidents that, when included in the report,
would negatively impact LCPD response times. Upon further review, the referenced priority
incidents were handled by the 3rd District, not LCPD. While the information provided by the 3rd
District is important to Lakeview, it is NOT appropriate to include it in the LCPD response time
report. Again, Sergeant Benjamin reports to the Board on LCPD unit activity, not the 3rd

While 3rd District Lakeview priority call response times cannot be included with LCPD’s for
reporting purposes, comparing the two may deem useful. Sergeant Benjamin has taken the
liberty to review and breakdown the dual reports referenced by our concerned citizen at our
October meeting. It appears that of the 62 incidents noted as “missing” from LCPD’s report,
only 28 of them even took place in Lakeview. The remainder occurred outside of the LCPD
boundaries. Of the 28 that occurred in Lakeview, they were handled by 3rd District Officers. The
breakdown is as follows:

Priority Calls NOT listed on Lakeview Response Time Report:

10/01 - 10/25 Priority Calls Handled by 3rd District or Other Units 62
- Calls that Involve Interstate Auto Crashes and Incidents outside Lakeview Footprint 17
- Incidents that occurred in City Park (NOT PART OF LAKEVIEW) 14
- Auto Accidents dispatched in Lakeview which LCPD does not HANDLE: 2
- Delayed Reporting - Sexual Battery Incident , reported on 10/04/16 by school
officials, occurred 6 months prior: 1

Units: 28

                                                                             Priority Handling        Average Response
                                                                             Calls     Percentage    Time

Priority Calls Handled by LCPD Units:         135        83%                 0:05:08
Priority Calls handled by District / Other:     28        17%                 0:11:29
Total Lakeview Priority Calls

Dispatched 10/01- 10-25:                163                                      

As a supplemental unit, LCPD responded to 83% of the priority calls in Lakeview in October
2016. Our intent is to be the first responders for all Lakeview priority calls but occasionally
officers may be unavailable for a multitude of reasons.

LCPD is a valuable asset to the Lakeview community. We appreciate any and all input from
Lakeview residents and other concerned citizens.

As always, please feel free to join us at our meetings.

Martin E. Landrieu
LCPD President