August 2015


Thank you for your renewed interest in the activities of your Lakeview Crime Prevention District.  For almost two decades, we've been working hard to create what is now one of the safest neighborhoods in New Orleans; a fact we are very proud of.  That is not to say that crime still does not affect our neighborhood, nor to say that we as a neighborhood should become complacent about deterring criminals from impacting our otherwise peaceful and safe neighborhood.  We are proud of the fact that the citizens of Lakeview are engaged and dedicated to keeping the crime rate low.

Your LCPD is an open book.  We meet on a monthly basis (4th Thursday at St. Dominic’s Rectory) to discuss a great many topics including but not limited to our financials, the crimes that have most recently affected the neighborhood, and how to bring better deterrence awareness to the community.  During these meetings we get a fantastically detailed report from our Commander: Sgt. Rene Benjamin who is always willing to field questions from the community.

Finally, we understand that the Lakeview residents lead busy lives and making these monthly meetings is not always possible.  That is why last year we started the process of building a more current website, which is located at  The old website is being phased out in favor of this.  Additionally, we plan to make available all information on the website also available on this Facebook page, understanding full well that this is a preferred means of communication for many individuals.

Our next meeting is Thursday August 27th in the St. Dominic's Rectory.  As always, the community is welcome and we encourage you to take the time to take part in LCPD's efforts to reduce the overall crime in Lakeview.